Promoting Multiculturalism and Eliminating Racism in British Columbia

About EmbraceBC

Communities in British Columbia are now more culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse, with immigrants accounting for approximately 27 per cent of our population. An additional five percent of the population is made up of indigenous Aboriginal peoples.

Launched in 2009, EmbraceBC provides resources and tools that help citizens of British Columbia further understand the importance of diversity and increase their level of community engagement around multiculturalism and anti-racism. Many of these resources can be ordered for free.

Additionally, EmbraceBC provides funding opportunities for community-based anti-racism and multiculturalism projects through six program elements: Arts Engagement, Community Dialogues, Inclusive Leadership, Interfaith Bridging, Organizing Against Racism and Hate, and Public Education.

Since 2009, EmbraceBC has funded over 85 projects, engaging more than 12,000 participants across British Columbia.

Provincial and federal funding support EmbraceBC. Under the terms of Annex A of the Canada-BC Immigration Agreement (the Agreement), Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) transfers funds to the Province of British Columbia for the design, administration, and delivery of settlement and integration services for immigrants and refugees.

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training is the lead ministry responsible for the management of the Agreement and administration of the funds.

In 2011, B.C.’s Welcoming Communities initiatives, including EmbraceBC, won the B.C. Premier’s Award for the Lower Mainland Region in the category of “Innovation”.