Organizing Against Racism and Hate

The Masset project engaged youth in the community, not only in creating dialogue and awareness around racism, but in taking direct action against it. The project has been an amazing opportunity to teach youth about problems and solutions surrounding racism in Masset, as well as to provide an opportunity for a youth-driven, empowering experience in the creation of digital film.

The films created by the Masset Anti-racism Crew explore the local situation and attitudes surrounding race and racism. The youth identified that racist attitudes stem from messaging in TV, movies and historical misinformation. In response, the youth decided that they needed to create their own messaging through a series of films. As a result, both Haida and non-Haida people are exposed to the other groups' perspectives and common experiences of racism.

 The project continues to be prolific and very successful. Two film festivals have been produced to showcase the students' work. The Masset Anti-racism Crew has received attention and coverage from CBC Radio and was featured in a documentary series in March 2006 entitled "Make Some Noise", showcasing young Canadians who are creating positive change across the country and the world.