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Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society
Main Floor, 285 Prideaux Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2
Tel: 250 753-6911

Current Initiatives

Interfaith Bridging
Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society
Stereotypes, assumptions and misinformation about diverse faith and spiritual groups remain hidden beneath the surface, but flare up when controversial issues arise. The Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society will hold a series of Living Library events in February 2011 that will promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding. The concept of the Living Library creates a space for dialogue and interaction where people are the ‘books’. ‘Readers’ can borrow a ‘book’ who is ready to discuss and answer questions related to their faith or spiritual beliefs and how this impacts their lives and community. The catalogue of ‘books’ represents the Aboriginal, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh communities.


Organizing Against Racism and Hate Community
Nanaimo Protocol (PDF - 68KB)

Success Stories

Nanaimo's Partners for an Inclusive Community successfully completed their Community Response Protocol to Incidents of Racism and Hate in June 2004. Twenty-nine signatories representing community groups, RCMP, political offices and businesses have committed to:

  • Support the vision of a community where all members feel safe and secure, and where differences are respected and celebrated;
  • Raise their voices and take action when incidents of discrimination, racism and hate occur; and
  • Ensure the protocols of the organizations to which they belong are congruent with Nanaimo's Community Response Protocol to Incidents of Racism and Hate.
  • The Nanaimo group has also developed a Safe Harbour initiative with 26 signatories representing community groups, media outlets, RCMP, political offices and businesses that have committed to:
  • Treat all clients and/or customers in an equitable manner. If a concern is expressed to them regarding a lack of equitable treatment, they make a commitment to take this concern seriously and to take steps to address the problem.
  • Be a safe place where a community member who has experienced mistreatment can expect a helping hand.
  • Have key employees who are prepared to fulfill these commitments.

Terre Flower, the Partners for an Inclusive Community project coordinator, says that the group continues to add on new signatories to both initiatives, and it provides on-going organizational change and diversity training. According to Terre, the participants continue to be very excited about these initiatives and there is even talk of expanding beyond Nanaimo. Congratulations to Nanaimo for their hard work and dedication to creating a safe and inclusive community!

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