Prince Rupert


Organizing Against Racism and Hate
Prince Rupert Protocol (PDF - 77KB)

Prince Rupert is a major port city and has long been a cosmopolitan and accepting community. As Prince Rupert grows, it is imperative that the community continue to make efforts to provide knowledge, assistance and celebration of the community's diversity.

The Prince Rupert Coalition for Inclusive Communities committee completed its work by producing a Handbook for Responding to Racism in Prince Rupert and Surrounding Communities, establishing a web page, and providing an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity with an annual potluck dinner and multicultural entertainment evening. In addition to the hard work put into producing the handbook, the "Prince Rupert Charter for the Elimination of Racism" below was signed by over one hundred local organizations.

"We, the undersigned, will take a stand against racism, prejudice and intolerance. We will help to build a successful community by setting an example of how to live in harmony. We are committed to eliminating racism in our community through the acceptance, understanding and celebration of all cultures. We do this for our children."

The work of racial understanding and valuing is continuing in Prince Rupert through the efforts of individuals and groups, and through the North Coast Community Asset Development Initiative, which encourages and supports social and economic development within the community. The Prince Rupert District Teacher's Union also has organized events and training seminars that are open to the larger community.