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Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
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Current Projects

Interfaith Bridging
Dr. Rosa Sevy
Research demonstrates that early racial attitudes develop within the family, and that mothers’ attitudes are significant predictors of children’s attitudes towards cultural and racial diversity. Rosa Sevy’s project promotes understanding and cooperation among mothers from various Vancouver-area faith communities, including Jewish, Christian and Muslim, through dialogue. Mothers of elementary school-aged children participating in the project are from various established and immigrant communities,  and will engage in conversations intended to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions, explore common practices and concerns in their role as mothers, wives and active participants in their communities,  creating a context for promoting personal friendships and connections, where the participants can realize that their commonalities as women and mothers transcend faith, cultural or political differences.

2009/10 Projects

Arts Engagement
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
New Faces of British Columbia will draw on the talent of British Columbian artists by showcasing photographs that depict the different faces, traits, emotions and habits of the myriad individuals who call British Columbia their home. The Immigrant Services Society (ISS) of B.C. has fostered partnerships with the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Abbotsford Community Services, Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society to a host a travelling photography exhibit, which will cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the diverse faces of the community.  New Faces of British Columbia will have showings in Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Prince George and Vancouver, and will feature the talent of artists in those cities.

The New Faces of British Columbia is a photography exhibit that celebrates the diversity and multicultural spirit of beautiful British Columbia through the unique and personal interpretation provided by photographers. Through photography, the communities involved in the exhibit will have the opportunity to view a celebration of diversity as represented by their own community.  Local photographers, both amateur and professional, from across B.C. will be invited to submit photos reflecting on diversity. Each photo will be selected by a panel of judges for its ability to showcase the diverse group of people that have come together to create present day B.C.  This project will foster a better understanding of what diversity means to a variety of communities within B.C., which will cultivate understanding, tolerance and acceptance within these communities.

Community Engagement and Dialogue
Collaborative Edge Consulting

Ear to the Ground Planning Inc

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House