Funding Opportunities 

British Columbia is characterised by a rich variety of languages, traditions, and cultures that make up its diverse cultural mosaic. The participation and engagement of all cultures in B.C. is vital to strong and vibrant communities where understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect underlie social, economic, and political activity.

To promote the participation and engagement of all cultures across the province, the Province of British Columbia will support communities in honouring the diverse cultures that shape British Columbia  through EmbraceBC program funding.

What funding opportunities are available through the EmbraceBC program? 

EmbraceBC provides funding opportunities for community-based anti-racism and multiculturalism projects through six program elements: Arts Engagement, Community Dialogues, Inclusive Leadership, Interfaith Bridging, Organizing Against Racism and Hate, and Public Education.

What kinds of projects would be considered for funding?

Proposed projects should demonstrate one or more of the following themes:

  • Addresses systemic racism and changing institutional structures;
  • Addresses issues of power and privilege;
  • Encourages the full participation of all members of society in all aspects of the economy, as well as the social, cultural and political life of British Columbia;
  • Engages broad and diverse groups of partners and participants;
  • Builds trust and relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples;
  • Addresses racist behaviour and practices that impede the full participation of individuals and diverse groups in civil society;
  • Develops responsibility and ownership for the elimination of racism, on individual and communal levels;
  • Promotes and supports a leadership model that reflects the diversity of stakeholders involved in a project; or
  • Demonstrates an understanding and analysis of the complexity of intersecting identities and the relationship of gender, sexual orientation and religion with race and ethnicity.

Who can apply for funding?

Examples of organizations that may be eligible include:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Aboriginal organizations
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Faith organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Rural and urban communities

What kind of projects will not be considered for funding?

Folk, cultural and ethno-specific festivals or projects that do not have an educational focus or do not engage broad and diverse audiences are not eligible for funding.

Where do I find out how much funding is available and how many projects are being funded for each program element?

The amount of funding available for each program element and the number of projects being funded will be available on the EmbraceBC website and in the solicitation documents posted on BC Bid.

If you would like to be notified by email when solicitation information is available, please email EmbraceBC and ask to be added to our contact list.

How do I apply for funding?

EmbraceBC funding opportunities are awarded through open solicitation processes posted on BC Bid.

For information about how to submit an application, visit Understanding & Responding to Government Procurement Processes Course.

If you have any questions during the solicitation process, you must contact the procurement specialist with Purchasing Services as indicated on the program area solicitation documents. Do not contact EmbraceBC directly.

Information about funding opportunities and solicitation results are posted on the EmbraceBC website when they are available. Funding applicants will also be notified by BC Bid of the status of their application by email.

Once I have been funded, what logos do I use to acknowledge EmbraceBC funding for my initiative or project?

Third-party organizations are required to acknowledge the Province of British Columbia’s funding contributions. This applies to all initiatives funded under EmbraceBC.

To receive approval for the use of the EmbraceBC and Canada Logos, you must first fill in and submit the Application for Third Party Use of BC ID and provide a sample of the materials with the logos already placed. Your contract manager will provide you with copies of the logo to use.

EmbraceBC Logo Usage Guidelines

Third Party BC ID Application

Are there other sources of funding for multiculturalism and anti-racism projects?

WelcomeBC provides funding through the Welcoming Communities program. For more information, visit WelcomeBC.