Promoting Multiculturalism and Eliminating Racism in British Columbia

Organizing Against Racism and Hate

The Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) program helps smaller communities to better address incidents of racism and hate crime.

OARH is a progressive three-year, three-step program:

YEAR 1: Community Capacity

Communities build their skills and capacity to increase community awareness of the presence of racism and hate and the importance of local actions to address it.

YEAR 2: Community Engagement

Communities work to engage community members  in discussions of racism and hate, and to explore community solutions.

YEAR 3: Community Organizing

Communities work to establish a community action and sustainability plan to address racism and hate.

Who is it for?

A key principle of this program is that activities should be undertaken through a collaborative process; therefore, applications must be submitted on behalf of a community. A community is defined by geography and may focus at a municipal or regional level. For example, small communities in established economic development regions may wish to combine their efforts at the regional level.

Part of the goal of OARH is to build capacity within communities all around British Columbia to begin addressing racism and hate. Often, communities located in more remote, rural areas of British Columbia have less opportunity and sometimes lack the infrastructure and capacity to access funding and support to address difficult social issues such as racism and hate.

It is for this reason that OARH is currently focused on communities outside of Metro Vancouver and the Capital Regional District that have not previously completed the OARH (formerly known as the Critical Incident Response Model – or CIRM) program.

Those communities that participated in but did not complete the CIRM are eligible to apply to the OARH.

Need more information?

Have a look at our OARH program guidelines to learn more about the goals, objectives, activities and funding opportunities in the OARH Program.